Our strength is developing Solutions for Business and Industry.

In many cases it is redesigning systems to be more user-friendly using today’s technologies. We aim to complete this by making it also more affordable for clients than current costs.

All of our solutions are designed to empower Business and Industry offering more control and inefficiencies. This in turn returns a better ROI.

We do not use standard open-source structures and coding with any of our solutions to ensure it is unique and secure.


Here are a few projects we are working on right now.

Car Dealer Stock Management System – www.caryards.co.nz

Secure Business and Personal File Backup Services – www.backup.co.nz


Projects in progress now for completion 2017

Christchurch Business and Tourism Portal – www.christchurch.co.nz

New Zealand’s Business Information Directory Portal – www.directory.co.nz

Real Estate Management System – www.realestatenetwork.co.nz

Document Management – www.documentmanagement.co.nz