Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We provide 2 main tools to measure and manage the Advertising of your website. Google Analytics (on top of our AW Stats from your hosting account) and Google Adwords.

We recommend for newcomers to this style of advertising a modest budget of $30/month until you get a feel and see results.

We create and manage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns based on your budget.

Our initial setup cost is $240+gst. (this is on top of the Advertising budget)

This is what it includes

  1. We analyse your website content
  2. We search and analyse your competitors websites and keywords
  3. From this we can create a list of keywords.
  4. Setup a Google Adwords Account and Campaign (either under our main account if you want su to manage it for you or under your own account)
  5. Based on your budget and priority of keywords we setup your Adwords Campaign.

If you would like us to Manage Adwords and ‘fine tune’ to get the most of your campaign over the following months, our fee is $120+gst/month. (this is on top of the Advertising budget)

  1. Analyse which keywords provided the best conversion rate.
  2. Analyse competitors again for changes
  3. Review and change where neccessary which words will create better results and target different demographics if applicable to extend Advertising Range.

Google Analytics provides you an insight of who has been looking at your website, how they found you, what they have looked at and more detailed information. A lot of this info can be found in your AW Stats but Google Analytics is specifically setup for indepth anaylisis of data.

Google Analytics can be loaded into your website code or added as a plugin to many CMS based websites.

We can add this feature for a one-off fee of only $120+gst